Spring Spring Spring!….break?

Dear Shareholders,

I am taking a rare break from my farm duties to take a trip around the mid-west to see some family and friends before the vegetables(and myself) are deeply rooted in the earth for this summer in Lancaster.

Before I skipped town, I seeded the cool weather crop. Four varieties of onions, Red Ampostas, Candy, Sweet Spanish and White Lisbon should be sprouting right about…now! As well as the Franchl Violetto Cauliflower, Flat Dutch Cabbages and Spring Raab Broccoli. I felt bad about leaving them behind for the week but I know they are in the good hands of my fellow farmers Ben Weiss and Brandon Tennis of Susquehanna Permaculture. They are checking in on them as we share greenhouse space for this season. Thank you both!

When I get back, Katy Reist and I plan on doing some tractor work and plowing up the acre for spring planting.  I’ll harden off the green house seedlings, hoe some rows and throw in the carrots, radishes, peas, turnips, lettuce, spinach, kale, mustard greens and beets. Once I get all that done it will be time to start the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Whew! That is so easy to say as I sit right now in the attic room of my friend Libby London’s home in the frozen land of Minnesota. Spring could not be farther away up here underneath a couple feet of snow. I’m braving the cold for a few more days before continuing on the rounds. I’ll be back to PA in a week and will type to you soon! For now enjoy these lovely days of Spring where it feels like winter in the shade and summer in the sun.

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About cmbrady8

Caitlin Brady is excited for the opportunity to work as the farmer in residence at Heritage Creek Farm this coming season. Caitlin spent her childhood and teenage years on a diversified family farm in Northwestern Missouri. She has worked on a variety of farms, ranging from the bountiful fields of tobacco, grapes, corn and soy in Missouri, to the coffee cliffs of Guatemala, organic heirloom vegetables in Silver Spring, PA, and organic cranberry bogs of Cape Cod, MA. In 2010 she rode the train to Lancaster, PA and witnessed for the first time the rich agricultural heritage this county has to offer. It was love at first sight and in 2011 she settled in among the bountiful farm fields of Lancaster County where she started Blue Rock Farm, an organic vegetable farm and CSA. Blue Rock Farm is committed to being a good neighbor in our community and a careful steward of the land. We grow healthy, tasty vegetables without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our gardens and greenhouse are Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

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