BIG CHANGES FOR BLUE ROCK! And November Garlic Planting

Yes, you read it right ^ or maybe you even heard about it. There are some big changes going down at Blue Rock Farm this year! I am happy to let you all know that my best friend and hard workin’, produce slingin’, lady farmer herself, EmmaKate Martin, has become a full time co-farmer, owner, operator, and partner in agriculture of the Blue Rock Farm! I couldn’t do it without her folks and we couldn’t be more excited about our third season of farming here in Lancaster County, PA.
The last two years of farming in Lancaster have passed by like a dream. From the shores of the Susquehanna to the rolling fields of Mt. Joy, we have faced the hardship of relocating our farm after the land was sold, we have been challenged by new environments and new soils. We have made some great memories and friendships along the way. We have grown delicious organic produce farming two acres by hand. We have provided nutritious and safe food for our community. We have prevailed!

So this leads me to the second big change of this year. We are relocating our farm. For the second time! We have left our rented location in Mt. Joy and have moved south to the fertile valleys of Willow Street(15 minutes south of Lancaster city), on to the ancestral farmland of EmmaKate’s family. EmmaKate’s Lancaster roots run deep. She is a eleventh generation Lancaster countian and a direct descendant of Hans Herr. Farming(and relocating) is in her blood. The new farm sits in a fertile valley outside of Willow Street surrounded by Amish farmers and deep forests on all sides. The soil is rich and has been carefully cultivated for over 100 years. Check out some photos of our adventures in garlic planting!




c feet planting

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About cmbrady8

Caitlin Brady is excited for the opportunity to work as the farmer in residence at Heritage Creek Farm this coming season. Caitlin spent her childhood and teenage years on a diversified family farm in Northwestern Missouri. She has worked on a variety of farms, ranging from the bountiful fields of tobacco, grapes, corn and soy in Missouri, to the coffee cliffs of Guatemala, organic heirloom vegetables in Silver Spring, PA, and organic cranberry bogs of Cape Cod, MA. In 2010 she rode the train to Lancaster, PA and witnessed for the first time the rich agricultural heritage this county has to offer. It was love at first sight and in 2011 she settled in among the bountiful farm fields of Lancaster County where she started Blue Rock Farm, an organic vegetable farm and CSA. Blue Rock Farm is committed to being a good neighbor in our community and a careful steward of the land. We grow healthy, tasty vegetables without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our gardens and greenhouse are Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

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