Fall Fun!


What a fantastically fun fall,

full of friends and festivities!

We still can’t believe it, but the last weekend in October marked the end of the 2013 shares and Eastern Market. We had a great time getting to know our new shareholders and meeting folks every Saturday at the market stand. We’re already planning and looking forward to next year! Which brings us to the next announcement…

East Side Market

Next year you can find Blue Rock Farm at East Side Market! We are sad to say Eastern Market on King St. will no longer be open, but are excited to move forward with this new opportunity.  East Side Market will be opening on Sundays from May – October of 2014 and will be located at Musser Park. Stay tuned for more information on this new market and for ways to support us, as we launch this new project.


  We were working away on Halloween, and were quite startled to come across this scene in the wash yard!

537272_10200720970134403_1436596251_nc2ad39                1391490_10200720972134453_1587030984_n6b50c2

One lovely Saturday evening in October we were happy to have 30 of our closest friends come over for a cider pressing party! We pressed apples and pears and made (and drank) many gallons of cider. Some of the crew posed with the press for the top photo!
Thanks to the Mack-Bolls for letting us pick the apples and to the Esh-Lind family for letting us borrow the press!


Many thanks to our 2013 work shares and all of our friends that came out to help!

photo 3
Thanks to Jacob Kraybill and Michelle Johnson for the cider photos!)

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