Blue Rock Farm 2014


Hello Friends of Blue Rock Farm! We have survived the polar vortex. Miraculously, so have some of our winter greens and roots under the hoop houses! We have taken a much needed break from the farm this past month of January and it is with great excitement that we announce the kick off the 2014 season here at Blue Rock Farm. 2014 CSA Shares are now for sale! We have a limited number of slots for Full shares,Half shares and Flower shares available.  You can sign up for your share today and learn more about them on our website:  As some of you may know the sooner we receive orders and payments, the sooner we can start working! We will be planting in the greenhouse by the end of February and your initial support by buying a CSA Share is what get’s us going and takes us through the year!

In other news, we are going to be selling produce at East Side Market in the Musser Park this spring, summer and fall! We are sad to say Eastern Market on King St. will no longer be open, but are excited to move forward with this new opportunity.  EmmaKate and Caitlin are on the board of this new market project and are working hard in anticipation for opening day! East Side Market will be open on Sundays from May 25th – October 26th of 2014, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Stay tuned for more information on this new market and for ways to support us, as we launch this new project.

In a few weeks we will be packing our bags and going to PASA!! The Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agricultural Conference has been held for the last 20+ years in State College, PA. It is a conference of PA organic farmers for PA organic farmers. In our next newsletter we will share photos and let you know all of the exciting things we learned!


Farmer Update: Caitlin

Hello All! This past month of January I have taken advantage of my break from school and farming to travel around the Southern U.S. I am happy to say I missed the worst of the polar vortex although it was 28 degrees in San Antonio when I was passing through!  I am now back in the school schedule at Millersville and Franklin&Marshall continuing my studies in Spanish and Italian! Looking forward to another beautiful year of farming at Blue Rock Farm!


Farmer Update: EmmaKate

Greetings! Meet my new friends – Blue Rock’s neighbor pigs and cow! I have been enjoying a break from farm work, but keeping busying. I am continuing my work with the Shalefield Organizing Committee, teaching dance classes with Caitlin and doing a variety of odd-jobbery! But really, I’m just waiting till it’s time to get my feet back into the warm dirt!

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