March Greetings from Blue Rock!


We’re trying to get a jump start on spring!

Working hard under the sun again has been rejuvenating and exhausting! One thing’s for sure, we love our broadfork! We’re excited to have some peas and onions in the ground, our hoop house up and filled with flats and a (mostly) clean barn!

Are you looking forward to the warmer weather as much as we are? We can’t wait to have our fields full of delicious veggies! Don’t forget to sign up now for a 2014 Blue Rock Farm Share. Becoming a shareholder means, not only receiving weekly veggies, but you will be invited to Farm Days throughout the season and have the satisfaction of knowing your farm and farmers!


Perks of being a farmer:

We’ve been delighted by our spinach and arugula that over wintered in the hoophouses.  As we get back into the work routine, we have been enjoying daily salads from these delicious greens, sweetened by frost and full of vitamins!

photo (5)

PASA 2014

We were in State College, PA this past February for the PASA Farming for the Future Conference. We were both really inspired by the keynote speaker, agro-ecologist Miguel Altieri from UC Berkley. The weekend was full of workshops, skill-shares and a lot of farmer to farmer hobnobbing. Above is a picture of us at our friends Scottish Highland Cattle Ranch, the Bergenblick Farm!


Lancaster East Side Market

As you may know, we are part of the board of Lancaster East Side Market at Musser Park!  We will be selling our produce at this new open air famers market every Sunday, starting in May! Check out the website for more vendor details and general updates.

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