April Plowers

Plowing, prepping and planting


We have been working hard! It’s springtime, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. For us, that means time to get busy. This year we are plowing and prepping our fields all by hand. Each bed has to be broadforked, hoed, conditioned with compost, sand and fertilizer (a lovely organic top dress from out friends at Lancaster Ag) before we can plant. The above photo shows your farmers jumping for joy after finishing the barnyard field!


 The peas are almost ready to climb, the garlic is getting taller, the arugula has sprouted, the kale is waiting to be transplanted and the farmers are acquiring spring sunburns and calluses. Don’t worry, we are taking precautions to protect ourselves from those ultra violet rays, as you can see.


We still have produce and flower shares available for the 2014 season! Sign up now for 23 weeks of fresh produce OR get a half share and receive your veggies every other week. Sign up here. We’d love to be your farmers this year!

East Side Market Indie Gogo Flier

We are very excited to say the Lancaster East Side Market has launched its IndieGoGo fundraising campaign! Check it out here

S house

Special thanks to our friends from the F&M Sustainability House. This is a picture from their latest work day at Blue Rock Farm and they already have plans to come again!

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