Farmers Farewell

signsFriends and Supporters of Blue Rock Farm,

We want to thank you so much for making the past 4 years amazing!  After a lot of thought, endless hours of talking & farming together, and some of our classic wine & french fry nights, we have decided to close Blue Rock Farm.  We appreciate all the support and encouragement we’ve received from all of you.

EmmaKate & Caitlin

bradyfaceIt’s almost spring here in Lancaster County and instead of tending to the seedlings, organizing the barn, posting CSA flyers around town and all the other million things it takes to run the farm, I am enjoying a quiet morning with a cup of coffee. As some of you may already know EmmaKate and I have reached the end of the road at Blue Rock Farm. And where do I go from here? Well, all this time I have been farming I have also been an undercover student of Spanish, Italian and French. Last December I graduated from Millersville University and I am now putting my language skills to good use as an translator in Guatemala where I have the opportunity facilitate a variety of cultural exchange trips between Guatemalan communities and travelers from the United States. In addition to that I’m working as a language tutor and substitute teacher.  I want to thank everyone who has supported this (ad)venture over the last four years: first and foremost my farming partner EmmaKate, our families, friends, fellow farmers, CSA members, work-shares, my farming mentor David Dietz, the restaurants and groceries we supplied, the market supporters at Eastern Market and Lancaster East Side Market, this amazing Lancaster/York community! Thank you. – Caitlin


10498360_10102424499585273_8008578463864467979_oI have to admit – one of my favorite parts of running Blue Rock, was working on puns, photo shoots and stories to share in our newsletter. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have!

Here’s my big news: I am living in Philly now and I have a job that will be starting very soon, with the Parks and Recreation Department as a Garden Educator! I will be helping run after school and summer camp programs with elementary aged kids at 5 different Recreation Centers. We’ll be teaching about farming, growing food in raised beds, nutrition and other fun things. I am very excited about this job and am looking forward to becoming a part of the urban farming movement in Philly.

That said, it’s hard to leave Blue Rock Farm and the amazing people that have supported us over the years. A special thank you to my family, who allowed us to plow up the back yard, dirty up the house, bring crowds of people to the farm, and who helped us weed, water, plant, broadfork and so much more! And of course, I want to give my love to my farming partner. Thanks to Caitlin for following a dream and starting Blue Rock Farm, for convincing me and allowing me to become a partner, for teaching me so much and, maybe most importantly for moving to Lancaster! Thank you all! – EK

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