May Update


A little late, but still great!

It must be spring! We suddenly have so many exciting updates, but no time to do it. We have a lot of greens and root veggies growing! Here are some other highlights from the past month:

  • We spent a lovely morning building a rocking herb spiral.
  • We named all of our different plots:The Barnyard, the Back 40, Up Top, the Onion Patch, and the Garden!
  • We have beans, potatoes, okra and corn planted Up Top!
  • Looking out into the fields we see so much green! Lettuces, kale, radish tops….
  • The peas are climbing up the rows of twine!
  • We cleaned out the barn! First time since 1879 when it was built (according to EK’s 94 year-old grandfather)

We reached an exciting goal this month! Our 2013 produce shares are all filled up! We still have a few flower shares left, though. If you’re still hoping to get a veggies share this year, check out our friends at Ornery Ladybug Farm and Green Moon Farm

At the end of the month we will be start to meet our shareholders as they come to their first pick-up! We also will be starting up our Saturday routine at EasternMarket. Come visit us every week from 9am-  2pm.


With help from Nick, we spread BioTelo rows in the Back 40 for the future home of our peppers, tomatoes and summer squash! We mulched in between each row to stay one step ahead of the weeds… hopefully!



We hoed a few beds along the top of the Back 40 plot for some lettuces, cabbages and kale!


One of the of our favorite parts about Blue Rock Farm?  All the support we get from our friends!


Next to the Up Top plot is a giant, 5-year-old leaf pile. We have been using those leaves to mulch between our rows.  At the bottom of the pile we discovered some rich compost for our plants to enjoy!

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