Springing into April!


It’s finally beginning to feel like spring and we’re certainly springing into action here at Blue Rock. We are excited that our available shares are filling up, but we still have room for you! So sign-up now for a 2013 Blue Rock Farmshare! The workshare option has already been filled for this year, but we still have Full Produce Shares, Half Shares and Flower Shares ready and waiting!

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As promised, in March we were very excited to have our farmer friend and neighbor plow up our field – with the assistance of his mule/horse team! For the first time since 1899, the former yard at Blue Rock Farm has been plowed under. On a lovely Saturday afternoon our Amish farmer friend (who shall remain unnamed) and his equine team Jack, Chub, Peggy and Mac pulled up into our driveway and clopped down to the field where they worked hard for two hours – and the team didn’t even partake in the cookie break like the rest of us!


We also took some of the plowing into our own hands and used our new broadfork to turn over many sections of the field that couldn’t be plowed. Thanks to our good friends, at Rebel Garden Tools, we were able to quickly order and receive one of the best broadforks on the market!


One afternoon we were relocating the raised beds of gardener extraordinaire, Wayne Martin (EK’s Dad) and had an idea! As we moved and disassembled the hoop-house bed of wintered greens, the lovely heads of lettuce and curly leaves of spinach suddenly become
bouquets and bow-ties. We found ourselves feeling wedded to our new farm!

That’s all for now! Time to get back outside,

EmmaKate & Caitlin

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