Plowing into March!

Things are coming together at Blue Rock Farm! We have a newly completed hoop house where we are starting to sprout some plants, and we have been acquiring new accouterments (more details below!) This month we are planning to get the “back 40” plowed up, start more seeds and get going!

Don’t forget to sign up for your very own Blue Rock Farm Share. Place your order to receive 23 weeks of delicious veggies grown by your favorite farmers! Or buy a half share and pick-up your produce every other week! You can start looking forward to spring veggies like salad greens, onions, peas, carrots (my favorite), radishes, beets and more.

hoophouseimage (2)

After many days cut short due to busy schedules, windy days and wintry mixes we have finally finished our hoop house! With an afternoon of sunshine, friends and straw bale hauling we put the final strips of duct tape on and called it done. We have a some flats of onion and leeks breaking in their new house, with more plants on the way!


Thanks to Nick, our favorite truck driver and photographer, we spent many afternoons this month picking up new farm equipment! Above you can see our water barrel from the charming Chambers family. Below is one of the truck loads of goods from our good friends at Lime Valley Mill. They gave us a great deal on a farm fridge, coolers, this winter farming set-up and more!

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